300 Chatham Ave
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Who is Williams & Fudge?

Who is Williams & Fudge?

Williams & Fudge was founded in 1986 and is a family owned business headquartered in Rock Hill, SC.  We at Williams & Fudge, Inc. strive to do our best for each of our clients and account holders every single day. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, respecting the consumer, honoring each other, maintaining ethical conduct and being good citizens within our community.

What does Williams & Fudge do?

Williams & Fudge aids organizations, colleges, and universities in the recovery of past due and education-related receivables. Williams & Fudge programs can effectively prevent consumers from allowing their accounts to reach delinquent status.

Why is Williams & Fudge Calling me?

If you receive a letter or phone call from Williams & Fudge, it means that we have been contacted to help recover an outstanding debt. We will make every effort to get in touch directly and inform you of the details of this debt, including: The amount of the debt, The name of creditor, and your right to validate the debt.

How can I pay Williams & Fudge?

Williams & Fudge makes it easy to log-in and access your account. Our accounts payment portal is easy to access and easier to use. You can login to your account here.

Our Philosophy

Our Clients Serve As Our Board Of Directors
This is not just a slogan. We realize that client relationships are very important. At Williams & Fudge, we believe that student loan management and collections should be a partnership between the institution and the collection agency. From our president to our newest employee, we respond quickly to our customer needs. Our service representatives visit your campus several times each year. We are an extension of your office, and we will listen and respond to your needs. All of our clients have the ability to communicate with any member of our organization via telephone and E-mail.

Our Office

Watch the videos below to see how and why  we turned the amazing old Cotton Factory into our home and Williams & Fudge.

Here is a live and archived feed of our Cotton Factory Camera facing Dave Lyle Blvd.