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Client Testimonials

Campbell University

“Williams & Fudge, Inc. always provides outstanding customer service and comes highly recommended.”

Canisius College

“What has impressed me the most about Williams & Fudge, Inc. is their commitment of establishing and maintaining a strong and lasting client relationship.   With the importance of technology today, Williams & Fudge, Inc. offers a secure and user friendly web site that allows institutions to place, view, and update accounts for collections.”

Coastal Carolina University

“The staff is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are very well informed to all matters involving collections and are more than willing to help us in any way they can.”

Coker College

“We depend on Williams & Fudge to keep us up to date on all Perkins regulation/policy changes and they have never let us down. Williams & Fudge, Inc. does an outstanding job with our past due receivables. Their employees are extremely experienced and successful in skip tracing, consolidation and rehabilitation of past due accounts.”

Colorado State University

“Colorado State University has been placing accounts with Williams & Fudge since July 2014, and in just a short amount of time we have experienced great recovery rates on all of our debt types. Furthermore, the projections for the future look just as promising. In addition to the great success that we have had with our collections, it has also been a pleasure to work with and get to know the Williams & Fudge team.”

Eastern Arizona College

“Williams & Fudge’s collection experts understand the nature of higher education debt collecting and have always treated our students with dignity and respect.”

Georgetown University

“The staff at Williams & Fudge is very responsive to inquiries, whether it concerns an individual account or questions about legal matters and best practices. Our staff has also benefitted from educational events hosted by the company, including web-based seminars and the annual Student Loans & Receivables Collection Conference.”

Loyola University of Chicago

“I have worked with a number of agencies, but Williams & Fudge has consistently provided the highest recovery rates. All of their representatives exhibit the highest level of professionalism and I have never received a single complaint from a debtor regarding their conduct.”

New Mexico State University

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all of the Williams & Fudge team. The open communication, courteousness and professionalism of the W & F staff make it a pleasure to work with them.”

Olivet College

“Not only has Williams & Fudge surpassed my expectations with collections but I am also impressed with the personal touch of the team. They are always friendly and willing to answer any questions that I have. This team makes me feel like our organization is their only customer.”

Santa Clara University

“Over several occasions, I have repeatedly stated that Williams & Fudge is our top producing agency with numbers unsurpassed by our other contracted agencies. And although numbers are important, we find the level of quality service extended to myself, my team, and our students is even more notable in this partnership. As a traditional Jesuit University, we want our alum to be treated with fairness and respect as they work toward reestablishing themselves, and their future, by fulfilling their financial obligations to the University. Your work is not an easy task, but we put our trust in your abilities and organizational character to handle our alum appropriately and we have not been disappointed.”

Snow College

“It is imperative we trust our accounts with a company that will handle our students with the upmost respect and great customer service, in other words, help our students find solutions to repaying their debt. We have been very pleased with Williams & Fudge in every one of these areas.”

Suffolk University Boston

“Williams & Fudge is a company with a stellar reputation in the collections industry. Their operation is based on integrity, professionalism, fairness and respect. They are always on the leading edge of the federal regulatory changes for Perkins loans and they are an exceptional knowledge base for their clients on all issues and legalities associated with the Perkins loans and collections. They provide excellent guidance to their clients in following industry wide best practices for collection processes.”

Texas Tech University

“I truly believe that they are an industry leader in all facets. Williams & Fudge is our highest performing agency in regards to percentage of debt collected.”

University of Houston

“Williams & Fudge, Inc. client service staff has always been a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. Their employees are great to work with, prompt, friendly and always helpful with any concern. Their sales representative visits are regular to bring us informative and educational information to ensure that we are current with the State and Federal law compliances.”

University of Illinois

“Williams & Fudge’s annual Student Loans & Receivables Collection Conference is one of the best professional development opportunities available.”

University of Miami

“Over the years, Williams & Fudge has proven itself to be a highly professional organization whose employees are dedicated to the mission and integrity of the corporation and the needs of the surrounding community. They are highly committed in providing superior service and quality performance, and that reflects in a higher rate of return for the client (at a reasonable rate).”

University of Minnesota

“The reports and email updates we get from Williams & Fudge are easy to understand and are always delivered in a timely fashion. I find their website to be very user friendly.”

University of New Hampshire

“Williams & Fudge reaches out on a regular basis to see if we have any concerns and is always available when we need them. The customer service we receive is exceptional.”

The University of Oklahoma

“They are dedicated to compliance and customer service, and have always been receptive to open records and audits.”

University of St. Thomas

“We have not experienced complaints by our students because Williams & Fudge collections staff treat them with respect.”

University of Washington

“Williams & Fudge is effective in collecting Bad Debts and their knowledge and attention to detail has aided us in keeping our internal team to a minimum and still provide a high level of service to our student borrowers.”

University of West Florida

“Over the years we have come to realize that the excellent customer service, the prompt response to requests, and the flexibility to adjust their processes to meet the University’s requirements are not exceptions for Williams & Fudge; they are standards.”

Valparaiso University

“Since our partnership began in 2002, Williams & Fudge has consistently been a top performer. My team and I appreciate the professional and timely response from both you and the Williams & Fudge team.”

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Consumer Compliments

I recently had a student loan placed into collections for a lack of payment. I was originally contacted by Amanda in 2014 to begin payment on my loan. Amanda was amazing in working with me on my funds. Not only did she treat me with great customer service but she advocated for me when my university was against me. Amanda is one of the main reasons i was able to get financially caught up and back to where i need to be. If i ever get placed in collections again (which i hope i don’t) I would hope to work with Amanda or someone just like her in the future. It has been a pleasure to work with this agency. Thank you.

This company is a debt collector. Typically not a good experience. However, I worked with and was helped by an agent who actually listened. I felt like she was understanding and didn’t judge me and genuinely wanted to help me. She did. She was able to negotiate on my behalf and decrease the amount owing. Thus enable me to pay off my balance much sooner. This was such a relief of burden. Her professionalism and kindness is an otherwise stressful position actually made me cry in happiness and relief. Thank You Lynn Farrell for acting on my behalf and being awesome at what you do!!!!

Once again, I appreciate your expeditiousness in responding. I appreciate our professionalism as well. If I had to be in collections, I’d prefer it be with you, since you do know how to treat your clients with respect and dignity. Please ensure your supervisor/management receive a copy of this accolade as you need to have this documented.

I received excellent customer service by Whitney. She was great, listened to my problem and got me to the person I needed to resolve my issues. I appreciate her for going the extra mile.

This is to thank for very efficient, courteous and caring service I received from your company’s employee, Karen concerning the debt my son had with the university.

Even the first person I spoke with, Aaron, gave me information with courtesy and concern. You must have all great employees in the company.

I thank you very much indeed and Aaron was certainly amazing.

I am the parent of a former college student, although having an outstanding amount on her account was disturbing, I wanted to compliment your representative, April, who helped me to resolve the situation in a week. She was courteous, sympathetic, and extremely responsive, and made sure that my child was available to complete our transaction when they had to travel to her niece’s high school graduation. I’m an attorney in San Francisco, and have represented debt collection agencies before. It’s a difficult business. I wish my clients’ personnel were as decent and thoughtful as April.

Had a pleasant experience with W&F. Mark was extremely helpful and cared about my situation. They are a collection agency but it didn’t feel like it from my experience.

I had a different experience with them! 🙂 a good one! I am trying to do everything I can to help raise my credit score and pay things off and they have been most helpful! They took the time to answer questions and pointed me in the right direction. Once I faced the fear of “collections” they were there to work with me and help me along me journey to strong credit!

I recently received a notice in the mail that I had an unfulfilled debt that had been turned into your collection agency. I was completely unaware of this debt and was absolutely beside myself when I read the letter. I have spent my entire adult life building up my credit score, so to see such a notice sent me into a stake of absolute panic.

Luckily, it was your employee Jennifer that picked up the phone when I called. I have worked in retail at the same company for 10 years and am intimately aware how incredibly difficult dealing with people can be. Jennifer handled my call with the utmost grace and professionalism. She was able to recognize that I was emotional and upset and helped to alleviate my frustration and quickly de-escalate the situation. I hope this does not go unnoticed, as her work was exemplary.

I called to pay my debt that is due. And Jonathan was so very helpful. He was very patient with me having to call back and he was very helpful in finding different ways to have y’all collect my payment. He is such a great guy. And I feel like he needs to be recognized for that. He was the greatest person I’ve talked to from a call center. He was great!

I want to send a BIG special thank you to Matt , he’s helped me with staying consistent with my payments & also figuring out the best payments for me so I can get back in college the time I wanted too , bc of him I am debt free with my college and i appreciate him soooooo much .


I have just closed an account with WF and Mitch and Ms Trudy displayed a high quality of customer service in assisting me. Thank you and keep up the GREAT work. It means a lot when a debt is being paid by way of arrangements and accommodations are made.

Even though we have finalized our last payment and the relationship has ended; I just want to say thanks for being so professional, kind and understanding in all of our conversations. Our family has dealt with some very difficult times and felt bad about not being able to pay our creditor sooner and your tone with me was always so respectful and considerate and that has meant a lot. This helped to energize and encourage me along the way. I just want the company to know how professionally you handled yourself. I really want your manager to know the level of integrity that you operate with. Thank you so much, my family and I really appreciate it.

I have been working with Danielle to consolidate my defaulted student loans. I have never been so impressed with a debt collector. She made the process of student loan consolidation very enlightening. She is always pleasant, professional and I do not know what I would have done without her help, I had notices of garnishment and she helped contact the appropriate people to make sure they were informed of the process of consolidation and there was a hold placed on those issues. I wanted to let you know what a valuable employee you have. Thank you, have a Blessed week.

I’d like to personally thank James for assisting me with my outstanding debt. He was awesome, he was kind and very helpful in resolving a challenging matter. I’m highly appreciative for all the hard work and help in resolving this business matter. Great Job!

Earlier today I tried to register for my new college classes. I had a hold on my account from an unpaid bill for a class. I had already paid the bill directly to the school, so I was unsure of why I was still showing a financial blemish on my college account. The college instructed me to call your company, Williams & Fudge, which I was honestly dreading. It is not often that calls to a collection agency are pleasant. HOWEVER, I had a very, very friendly interaction with a representative named, Shaun. She was very kind as we spoke and seemed genuinely concerned as to be being able to register for my classes.

Although I hope I do not have another late payment, if I do, I hope that it will be sent to your company and I will be lucky enough to have another experience as I did today.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your help!

I just want to say how impressed I am with your services. I was recently contacted by Boyd, and he was by far the most helpful debt collector I’ve ever worked with. He gave me a lot of information on federal student loan debt consolidation; even though it didn’t even apply to the debt he was contacting me about! He also worked with me on an amount I could pay monthly, even with my other bills. You guys are what a debt collection agency should be, and I thank you.

The entire process was, dare I say pleasant. Mike made dealing with what can be a difficult situation, painless and easy. Wish all my creditors were so nice and helpful.

Worked with Mrs. Sarah and she was extremely nice and very professional. I had a great experience today.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Martha for always working well with me and for her wonderful personality.